Buying and Selling

We loan, buy, sell, and trade on almost anything of value, including gold and guns. Stop by today to get cash for your valuables.


We will buy…

At AsherPawn , you will find awesome deals on fine jewelry, watches and much more. We also buy and sell gold. Asher buys a great selection of pre-owned jewelry, such as:

Charms, Pendants & Diamond Earrings
Gold & Diamond Rings (Men’s & Women’s)
Watches (Men’s & Women’s)
Women’s Bracelets & Necklaces


Asher buys only the latest and greatest in home entertainment and electronics. When you buy from a big box, you pay big box prices!

Stop by our shop on Dayton Street near ICBC in Kelowna and we’ll take care of all your electronics needs,sell or buy including:

    Computers & Laptops
    MP3 Players
    Video Games
    Gaming Systems
    Blu-Ray Players
    Home Audio
    Android Phones
    And More!


Electronic keyboards, guitars, electric guitars, drums, amplifiers, saxophones, piano, speakers and more are welcome to our store.

We buy vehicles that has value. If you have the pink slip, we will have the cash ready for you.

We will buy guns with documentation. Stop by and see us.

We buy everyday tools, auto equipment, kitchen equipment, and more..

You can bring almost anything with value to us and we will appraise and give you cash for it..

Ways to sell…

We can provide you an estimate at the convenience of your own home using your smartphone, take a photo or video and send it to us.

Meet the Asher team and click here for directions